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Hello, Marc V. Tumamak here, AKA MarcPreneur.

I started my online entrepreneur journey after I read Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson. It opened my eyes on how I can create an online passive income.

My Story

I first started like every most people do. Searching Google and YouTube on how to make money online. After some time of researching I stumbled on those 2 books mentioned above. Then I decided to finally do affiliate marketing.

But since I am very particular and very hungry for information, I ended up wasting money in courses that did not gave me the exact process on the results that I wanted. But then what I realized is that, it wasn’t the course that is the problem. It is actually me. I have tons of resources, tools and knowledge. All I need to do is to take action.

So now, my goal is to help aspiring people who are serious in making money online.

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